The Hunger Games, by Suzzane Collins

I loved the whole book! It just pulled me in, I couldn’t put it down! I was reading it every chance I got, and when I finished it, I was disappointed. Usually I don’t feel this way after I finish a book, but this book was the best Sci-fi book I ever read! What’s not to love about the book!?!?

My favourite character was – you guessed it, Katniss Everdeen. Skilled with a bow and arrow, willing to take her sister’s place in a fight to the death to protect her sister, she is awesome! But shockingly I find myself having Haymitch himself as my second favorite character. In the beginning he seemed to just be a drunk guy who wouldn’t really be in the book that much. But later through the book, he was no longer that drunk guy in the beginning. When he warned Katniss that she was in danger at the end of the film, it showed that he can be a caring person. When he wants to.

My third favorite character in the book was Rue. Small, yet she can be dangerous. Her death was more memorable than the other tributes. Suzzane Collins put a lot of work to her death, because she was a great and trusting friend to Katniss. I too, was disappointed by Rue’s death. She will not be forgotten.

I thought Peeta’s strategy to make people think he’s in love with Katniss, so they both can win was a deeply thought up, and really cool plan. But is Peeta really in love with Katniss? And will Katniss and Peeta actually be a couple in the sequel? We’ll just have to read and see.

This book is possibly the best Science Fiction book I ever read so far. No matter what Sci-fi book I read, the Hunger Games will always be in the top 5. This book is a definite for all Sci-fi fans.


My bookshelf.

This is a picture of my bookshelf:


How many books do I own? I have no idea. In fact, I have so many books, they can’t all fit in my bookshelf, that’s for sure.

Right now, I’m going to tell you all the books on my bookshelf. Okay, here we go:

  • Land of stories: Beyond the kingdoms
  • Land of stories: A Grimm warning
  • Land of stories: An author’s Odyssey (these books are soon going to be off my bookshelf soon, I’m afraid).
  • King Arthur and his noble knights
  • The tyrannosaur chronicles
  • The secret science alliance
  • Frank Einstein and the antimatter motor
  • Robinson Crusoe
  • I, robot
  • Chronicles of Narnia: the magicians nephew
  • Chronicles of Narnia: the lion, witch, and the wardrobe
  • Chronicles of Narnia: the horse and his boy
  • Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
  • Chronicles of Narnia: the voyage of the dawn treasure
  • Chronicles of Narnia: the silver chair
  • Chronicles of Narnia: the last battle
  • The adventures of Pinocchio
  • The call of the wild
  • Black beauty
  • The time machine
  • The hobbit
  • Lord of the rings: the fellowship of the ring
  • Lord of the rings: the two towers
  • Lord of the rings: the return of the king
  • Pirates: the complete history from 1300 BC to the present day
  • What if?
  • God’s word for boys
  • Pocket guide to the birds of North America
  • The adventures of Tom Sawyer
  • Phineas L. Macguire… Erupts!
  • Phineas L. Macguire… gets slimmed!
  • Phineas L. Macguire… blasts off!
  • Phineas L. Macguire… gets cooking!
  • Relativity: the special and general theory
  • Fly guy presents: Space
  • Alice’s adventures in wonderland
  • The wonderful wizard of oz
  • Moby duck
  • The best dictionary for kids
  • The guardians: Toothiana: a battle is waged
  • 1000 facts on science and technology
  • Who was Steve jobs?
  • Who was Albert Einstein?
  • I am Albert Einstein
  • Who was Rosa parks?
  • Myths busted! 2
  • Mr. President
  • Who was King tut?
  • The chronicles of Narnia
  • The empowers of Chocolate
  • The book of totally irresponsible science
  • Bible freaks and geeks
  • Creepy creatures and blizzard beasts from the bible
  • Bible heroes and bad guys
  • Bible wars and weapons
  • Big bad bible giants
  • Charlie and the chocolate factory
  • The homework machine
  • I am George Lucas
  • Fun facts about the bible you never knew
  • Who was Babe Ruth?
  • Horrible Harry in Room 2b
  • Who was Christopher Columbus?
  • Who was Robert Ripley?
  • Scare scape
  • The secret of Hermit’s peak
  • The elements
  • Night watch
  • Beast world
  • Everything you need to know about snakes
  • An illustrated guide to Mythical creatures
  • Ultimate reptilepedia
  • Believe it or not! Special edition 2016
  • Astronomy
  • KnightWorld
  • Superheroes of history
  • America in the time of sitting bull
  • Colonists and independence
  • The klutz book of inventions
  • 2014 Walt Disney world for kids
  • Mythical monsters
  • American inventors
  • The lost journal of Indiana Jones
  • On a beam of light
  • FamilyBIBLElibray: God’s new creations
  • FamilyBIBLElibray: Heroes of Long ago
  • Cottonmouth and the river
  • Return of the homework machine
  • Who was Milton Hershey
  • Jackie and me
  • Babe and me
  • Mickey and me
  • Who was John F. Kennedy?
  • Collectors junior classics: legends of Long ago
  • Collectors junior classics: a b c go!
  • Collectors junior classics: harvest of holidays
  • Collectors junior classics: in your own backyard
  • Collectors junior classics: just around the corner
  • Collectors junior classics: magic in the air
  • Collectors junior classics: once upon a time
  • Collectors junior classics: roads to richness
  • Collectors junior classics: call of adventure
  • Collectors junior classics: gifts from the past
  • How to be a genius
  • The ultimate guide to your microscope
  • Be a super test-taker!
  • Inventors and inventions
  • 50 fun experiments for the mad scientist in you
  • Five minute bible devotions for children (new testament)
  • Five minute bible devotions for children (old testament)
  • Chess for children
  • How to beat your dad at chess.

If you like one of these books, the finding them on the internet, and if you buy it, comment down below which one you got.

I, Robot by: Isaac Asimov

download-4I know I should of made this post a long time ago, but I was really busy. Okay, I, robot, by Isaac Asimov. Let’s start it with 3 comments:


The extraordinary and grand concept which forms the basis of Asimov’s truthfulness what drew me to science fiction originally.

-Brian W. Aldiss

With the Robot stories and the foundation stories, [Asimov] helped to shape Science fiction as we know it.

-Jack Williamson

quite simply, Asimov got me started.

-Liz Williams

What it’s about:

they mustn’t harm a human being, they must obey human orders, and they must protect their own existence… but only if doing so doesn’t violate rules 1 and 2. With these 3 laws of robotics, humanity embarks on perhaps its greatest adventure: the invention of the first positioning man.

Isaac Asimov’s, I, Robot launches readers on an adventure into a not-so-far-distant future where man and machine struggle to redefine life, love, and consciousness itself. For the scientists who invented the earliest weren’t content that their creations should remain programmed helpers, companions, and semisentient worker-machines. And soon the robots themselves, aware of their own intelligence, power, and humanity, aren’t satisfied either. Now human men and women find themselves confronting telepathic robots, robot politicians, robots gone mad, and vast robotic intelligences that may already secretly control the world in the next great evolutionary struggle for survival. And now both man and robot are asking the same questions: What is human? And what is human obsolete?

What I think:

I first heard about the book in the first book in the series Frank Einstein. I thought it sounded like a really cool book, so I decided to get the book. Years later, I still didn’t get the book. I actually forgot about the book a little bit. Then last year, I finally got the book, after all these years, and I loved the book once I got it. My favorite characters were Greg powell and Mike Donavan. Thinking of the characters in the book with no pictures was hard. So I brought my tech life into my book life. I pictured Greg and Mike as Rhett and Link from good mythical morning, Susan calving as claire from Jurassic world, Berkeley and another character as Stan Lee etc. And for the robots, I just thought them as droids from star wars. This is one of the few science fiction books That I have ever read, and it’s probably the best one I ever read.