4 May, 1891 – Remembering the Reichenbach Falls

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The Hobbit ~ The book was better.

Hey guys, I just wanted to talk to you about the hobbit. You know I finished the book already a couple of weeks ago, (Scroll down, or click the link above) and I have also finished watching all the movies, and I have come to a decision:

I though the book was better than the movies.

I mean, the movies were Amazing and all, but I don’t know. Of all the Tolkien movies, I thought the Lord of the rings trilogy was better. But I don’t know about the books, because I haven’t finished the trilogy, I’m actually still on the fellowship of the ring.

Okay, what were we talking about? Oh yeah, The hobbit.

Maybe because the movies used a lot of CGI (Computer graphics imagery), or maybe it was Fili, Kili, and Thorin Oakenshield all dying at the hands of the Orcs,

In the Battle of the five armies, I don’t know. And I know Fili, Kili, and Thorin Oakenshield all died in the book two, but it never tells us how they die, and we never saw them die.

I hoped you liked this post, if you want to check out my review on the hobbit, click on the link above (the link will be highlighted yellow), tell me what you think about the book, and the movies; which one do you like better? The book, or the movies?

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Bookstore vs Internet

My birthday was on Jan. 25, and on my birthday, I got a $15.00 Barnes and noble gift card, and today, I asked my mom when we could go to the book store, and she said she doesn’t know, but maybe going online would be better. I like going to the bookstore better, but which is better, going to the bookstore, or the internet? Green is for bookstore, red is for online.

I like going to the bookstore because you can actually experience it, look through the books,

While you can just get it done online.

I love going to the bookstore because, it just feels magical.

21 century.

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